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How do I add streaming video to my own website

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You can show the streaming video clips that you post to your eSpeakers profile on your website. The hosting and streaming fees are included in your eSpeakers Plus or Pro account (upgrade).

Why use eSpeakers video instead of YouTube or Flash-based video on my website?

If your site currently uses YouTube or Flash-based video, switching to the eSpeakers video plugin will give your visitors a much better experience:

  • Silky-smooth HD-format (widescreen) video
  • Plays on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices (Flash-based video does not)
  • Always-visible playlist encourages more watching
  • Video links on your pages can be any size/shape (YouTube embeds default to the full size of the video, which really limits page design)
  • Your name is always displayed over the top of the video, giving your constant branding
  • Never recommends competitor videos when yours is done playing (YouTube can do this if not configured correctly)


Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Find out how to add video to your profile: how many clips, what types of files, and more.
  • You can use the plugin as many times as you want on your site. You might have a 'My Videos' page with a list of all your videos, and also use links to individual videos in other places on your site.
  • For technical reasons, you cannot use the plugin more than once on the same page.
  • If you link to an individual video, and then later remove that video from your profile, the link will no longer work even if you upload a new video with the same name. You'll need to get a new code snippet to replace the old one on your web page.
  • To protect your content, the video plug-in only works on your website. How does it know? Any site listed listed on the PROFILE page under MAIN WEBSITE or MEDIA-SPECIFIC WEBSITE is cleared, anything else is not.
  • The plug-in works great on blogs that let you paste in standard HTML code. On Wordpress, you will need to have it hosted at your own domain (ie www.you.com), as sites hosted at you.wordpress.com strip out HTML code that you enter.

How to: Add video to your own website using the eSpeakers video plug-in

  1. In the [My Profile] screen, click into the PLUGINS & SIMPLESITE section.
  2. With the WEBSITE PLUGINS tab selected along the left, find the YOUR VIDEOS row and click GET CODE.
  3. Use the controls to select the type of embed you want (ie, individual video or list) and other settings, then click the GET CODE button.
  4. Highlight the generated HTML code (be sure to get it all!) and copy it using the right mouse button or the keyboard (CTL-C for Windows, CMD-C for Mac).
  5. The code is now in your clipboard, ready for pasting.
  6. In your web page editor, paste in the code where you want the video plugin to appear.

Advanced: automatically opening a video from the playlist

You may want to show your video playlist on a page and have a particular video automatically open on the page when a viewer gets there.

The eSpeakers video plugin supports this, but the implementation is tad technical; you may want to bring your webmaster in on this one.

To open a particular video when a user loads the page:

  1. Embed the video playlist (or an individual video) in the page using the code snippet as described above.
  2. Find the "aid" number of the video you want to play automatically by hovering over the video thumbnail and looking for 'aid=' in the url. The aid number you want will be after the = sign.
  3. Once you have your aid number, just add it to the url this way
    1. ?opentovideo=xxxx
    2. where xxxx is the aid number of the video you chose.
  4. for instance,
    1. http://www.espeakers.com/zekeridges/video.html turns into http://www.espeakers.com/zekeridges/video.html?opentovideo=73221